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Hello! I'm basically a brand new anime fan and collector. My introduction to anime is probably fairly typical of someone who wasn't a fan as a kid; I started with, what else, Miyazaki's Spirited Away which I rented from Netflix. Soon I had avidly devoured all the Ghibli movies, Nausicaa, Totoro, Kiki, etc. My favorite is probably Whisper of the Heart. I was so disappointed when there were no more to watch! (although the tradition continues; Arietty is fabulous!)

So then I moved on to TV series, finding new things to watch through Netflix, which of course is so great because you can very quickly find related items and reviews to guide you. My first series was Lain, which I absolutely loved. Then moved on to Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, both movies & series. Some of my other initial favorites were Haibane Renmei, Genshiken, Kamichu, Kino's Journey, Koi Kaze, Please Twins, Chobits, etc. etc. In a way, I feel sort of lucky that I didn't know anything about this stuff before and I got to experience it virtually all at once in the space of a few weeks and months. What a rush! Now I'm hopelessly lost to the anime muse!!

Then one fateful day (geez, this is turning into a melodrama!) in March 2007 I was browsing on eBay looking for a box set of NieA_7 to buy when I came across a strange looking object. It was a drawing of Niea using different colored pencils and shading and Japanese writing on it and it was absolutely stunning! I could hardly believe how pretty it was and I could actually buy it! And since I loved NieA, I clicked Buy it Now, not knowing anything about it or who drew it or even if it was priced right. I was hooked!

Then came the research and learning phase, which quickly led me to Rubberslug and all the galleries here. In a few hours browsing, I learned that my new drawing was a genga and was actually used in the making of the anime! It probably sounds naive and a bit silly for me to be amazed by these simple facts, but really, there's only one time when you're absolutely new to something, and that's the time to savor it the most!

So now it's time to add my little bit to Rubberslug's galleries. Maybe someone will be inspired and entertained and educated by my growing collection as I have been by so many galleries here. Thanks to all, and I hope you will enjoy my gallery as it grows!


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