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Angelic Layer

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When I first rented Angelic Layer, it was just to see a few episodes so I'd know first-hand what it was like. I knew I wouldn't like it; from all the reviews it was obviously too corny, a kids-only anime. I mean, I only liked the edgier and more action-oriented anime like Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop, right?

Well then I watched it, and everything changed. Somehow it works for me in spite of the predictable, sappy plot. It's just so well done production-wise, and completely unashamed of it's sweetness. And Misaki is ... well ... um ... angelic!

 Misaki & Hikaru - layout, rough, and correction

 Misaki & Hikaru



 Misaki, Hikaru, & Wizard

 Misaki - rough, genga, & douga

 Misaki - genga, rough & layout

 Misaki - genga & rough

 Misaki & kids - rough, genga & layout
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