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Gunslinger Girl

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Gunslinger Girl is another anime that I rented because I was curious, but I just knew I wouldn't like it enough to watch the whole series. I mean, the name and the whole concept sounded ridiculous - little girls with big guns kicking ass - jeez, gimme a break.

Well, the proof is in the watching, and inside the first couple of minutes of episode 1 I was hooked. The music, the setting, pacing, and character design all contribute to what turns out to be an extraordinarily compelling rumination on the nature of the human-cyborg intersection that many of us will see come to fruition in our lifetimes.

Plus, it's really fun sometimes to just watch the little girls with big guns kick ass.

Unfortunately, the 2nd season, which promised so much in terms of the manga story continuation, fell far short of the standards set by Season 1. The music, the animation, and the character designs all changed for the worse. Ah well; such is the delicate balancing act in TV anime between budget and quality.

 Jean & Rico outside the museum

 Jean & Rico in the museum

 Rico helps Fillipo up the wall

 Rico w/gun

 Knife sequence 1

 Knife sequence 2

 Knife sequence 3

 Knife sequence 4

 Knife sequence 5
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