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I'm really surprised this show was ever released for the US market. It's so contrary to conservative religious thought that I can't imagine what it's licensors must have been thinking. I mean, haven't they ever heard of Joan of Arc!? How did this thing fly under the radar with Yurie's budding divinity and all the little Shinto gods? "... and it's even in cartoon form! Why, before you know it, all our children will be thinking they're divine!" Whoa. What a concept.

Seriously though, this truly is the sweetest show on earth and I love it with all my heart. Really. Beautifully set in the city of Onomichi, Kamichu provides a lush and nostalgic view of growing up in 80s Japan. I am very pleased to have some nice drawings from this show.

 Yurie & Mitsue - opening sequence layout

 Yurie - opening sequence genga

 Opening - layout & genga

 3 background layouts

 Yurie's mom & dad

 Yurie - 3 genga

 Yurie - 2 genga

 Shokichi with Yurie's bike

 Shokichi & bike - 2 genga
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