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How can I like Kite and Kamichu at the same time!? I dunno. Honestly, I don't. I get a headache just thinking about it. The closest I can come is to say that I like Kite for the audacity of it's animation. I'm not talking about the sex or the violence, but just the sheer outrageous revelry in movement. All you can do is throw your head back and laugh out loud at the ambition of what they've attempted to show on screen.

 Kite - Sawa's revenge

 Oburi - cel, layout, and bg

 Sawa w/red eyes - cel & bg

 Oburi in action on the subway

 Sawa - genga & rough

 Young Sawa

 Sawa scream - genga & correction

 Sawa douga & cel

Curator: cenbe
Gallery Created: 7/23/2007
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