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Millenium Actress

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Millenium Actress is the perfect anime to show your non-anime high-brow cinema-loving friends to introduce them to the genre. It's "serious", an animation tour de force, and, as a bonus, loosely based on the life of Setsuko Hara, the iconic Japanese film actress. Then after it's over, you can whip out your Ozu collection and show Late Spring or Tokyo Story, and they'll be so moved that just maybe you'll be forgiven your quirky infatuation with those silly little Japanese TV cartoon-thingies.

 Chiyoko and Key

 Chiyoko and the Artist - cel & douga

 The Artist - Chiyoko's love

 Chiyoko meets the director

 Old soldier pan cel w/bg

 Old soldier pan cel

 Chiyoko learns the truth

 Chiyoko's Ninja movie

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