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Unfortunately, I don't yet have any drawings from Koi Kaze, so I guess the next best thing is a setting copy. I like the character design a lot, which is pretty faithful to the manga. The drawing in the manga is so rich, I almost wish I could get an original page or sketch or whatever from it. Can you get things like that from manga even? I don't know.

Anyway, I just love Koi Kaze, even though a lot of people are understandably turned off by the subject matter. To me, this is just a tremendously moving, deeply felt romance. Because, in a way, there's something at least somewhat illicit or forbidden about nearly every romantic relationship, even if it's just an undercurrent of he's from a bad family or the wrong neighborhood, or she's too good for him, or not good enough or too young or old, or he has the wrong job or doesn't make enough money or I don't know - any of the myriad things that can act as practical impediments to the emotional involvement. It's almost as if setting it in this stark context, with the brother/sister thing, throws into more vivid relief the issues that all relationships face, and it becomes a story in which everyone can find something of themselves and their beloved.

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