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The four seasons of Minami-ke may be a little uneven in terms of art and animation quality, but there's nothing uneven about the charm and liveliness of the little story vignettes that make up this popular slice-of-life series.

The two Minami families and their seemingly vast array of friends and acquaintances provide a rich and varied web of relationships that spawn all sorts of amusing hijinks and subplots.

One of my favorite things about the series is the music underscore. Endlessly inventive, subtle and witty, it's almost like a bemused narrator commenting dryly on the proceedings.

 Kana, Chiaki, & Haruka - 2 layouts

 Chiaki as teru teru bozu - pan sketch

 Chiaki wail - 3 roughs

 Chiaki - 3 layouts

 Chiaki - layout & rough

 Chiaki & Kana - 3 layouts

 Haruka bats - layout sequence

 Haruka bats - layout sequence (cont.)

 Tea with Haruka
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