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Strawberry Marshmallow

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The best Japanese anime about schoolchildren (e.g. Azumanga Daioh, Denno Coil, Minami-ke, etc.) seem to have a real knack for distilling and capturing the essence of being a kid, and Strawberry Marshmallow is no exception. Led by the stellar voice acting of Fumiko Orikasa as Miu, this charming slice-of-life series is distinguished by its refreshingly down-to-earth script and dialog, as opposed to, for example, the comedy-club-style wisecracks that pass for conversation in most American shows or movies with kids. The characters' behavior runs the gamut from cloyingly sweet to insecure, earnest and outspoken to downright irritating, all patiently overseen by a loving Nobue and her viewpoint from the cusp of adulthood.

 Nobue in helmet - 1

 Nobue in helmet - 2

 Nobue, 3 layouts

 Nobue, 3 genga

 Miu, Matsuri, & Chika

 Ana's room - 3 girls

 Ana's room - 4 girls

 Matsuri & Chika in yukatas

 Miu & Matsuri at the festival
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