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Honey and Clover

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Honey and Clover is a great slice-of-life romantic comedy/drama from 2005 about a group of students attending an arts college. Even though the main theme revolves around unrequited love, there's still plenty of light-hearted fun to go around, and anyone who has ever been in a similar environment will have no problem identifying with the richly detailed and empathetic characters. The art is in a beautiful watercolor-like style, and the animation and graphics are consistently high quality and creative. I'm very pleased to have a few nice drawings from this fine show!

 Yamada at work

 Yamada & girl

 Yamada faces - 1

 Yamada faces - 2

 Takemoto & Yamada - pan layout

 Yamada alone

 Takemoto alone

 Morita & Hagu

 Hagu - genga, & douga
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