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Kaiba, simply put, is an absolute gem of an anime. This beautifully animated futuristic sci-fi fantasy is from Madhouse and Masaaki Yuasa, who also directed the wildly creative 2004 movie Mind Game, the 2006 TV series Kemonozume, and the 2010 TV series Tatami Galaxy. These 4 works alone have firmly established him as one of the premiere creators of anime working today.

I'm always a bit skeptical when I encounter anime fans and critics opining on the lack of quality anime in the last however-many-years. Works like those of Yuasa, Akiyuki Shinbo, and many others show without doubt that the medium is producing vital and lasting creations despite considerable economic and artistic challenges. Kaiba is representative of the best that anime has to offer, and I'm very happy to be able to display in my gallery some drawings from this great show!

 ep7c37, pan layout

 ep7c38, 3 layouts

 ep7c39, pan layout

 ep7c41, 2 layouts

 ep7c43, 2 layouts

 ep7c46, layout
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