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Arakawa Under the Bridge

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Shinbo and Shaft are at it again, and don't disappoint, with their trademark inventiveness in full force in Arakawa Under the Bridge. The show is a visual feast, with a clean and colorful look that perfectly complements the surreal humor and absurdly comic plot.

At its heart though, this is a love story, and an undercurrent of serious social commentary and even pathos gives the show considerable substance beneath the non-stop gags and way-beyond-quirky personalities of the characters. I'm glad to have a few nice drawings from this fine show!

 Nino & Ric - 2 layouts

 Ric - 3 layouts

 Ric - 3 more layouts

 The Mayor - 2 layouts

 Stella - 2 layouts

 Sister with gun - 2 layouts

 2 cast groups - layouts

 Star & Whitey - 2 layouts

 The Metal Brothers & Ric - layout
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Curator: cenbe
Gallery Created: 7/23/2007
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