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Amagami is one of the most successful TV shows, both artistically and commercially, of the dating-sim-to-anime genre. (notable others include KimiKiss Pure Rouge and, my favorite, Mashiro Iro Symphony) Want to relive the halcyon days of high school romance? You could hardly do better or have more fun than Junichi, who successfully woos in turn each of the 6 lovely girls in his life. While the drawings I have may not be of the highest quality, (umm … actually they look as if they were rescued from the circular files of some harried animator), I'm still glad to have something from this fine show.

 Junichi - 2 layouts

 Junichi & Miya

 Kaoru - genga & layout

 Sae - layouts & rough

 Sae & Junichi - rough

 Sae & Miya - layouts & rough

 Ayatsuji - 3 layouts

 Ayatsuji as maid - douga

 Umehara - douga

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Gallery Created: 7/23/2007
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