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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (And Yet the Town Moves)

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You know, I've never quite understood the "maid thing" in Japanese popular culture. (umm … just one of my many shortcomings) So it was with some reservation that I began to watch this anime, thinking "Well, I'll probably drop it, but I should at least watch the first 4 episodes just to see, since it is, after all, from Shaft."

And so, it turns out Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru is a really great slice-of-life show with a quirky high school girl protagonist named Hotori played to perfection by the inimitable Chiaki Omigawa. And the maid thing? I still don't get it, but the show pokes a lot of fun at it by making one of the maids a septuagenarian granny and situating the cafe in the middle of a prosaic small town shopping district next door to the dentist.

And then there's the OP and ED. OP; a perfect send-up of 60s American sit-com music, beautifully animated. ED; the 4 maids performing on violin, accordion, bass, and drums in a weird, minor key, almost Cajun/rock hybrid that had me spewing coffee out my nose the first time I heard it. Hi, fu, mi, yon indeed! Also beautifully animated. Shaft does it again!

 Hotori, Kon, & Haribara - layout

 Hotori seated - layout

 Hotori closeup - layout

 Hotori & Kon-senpai fight

 Hotori runs - layout

 Hotori with float - genga & layouts

 Hotori & Kon-senpai - douga

 Hotori & Josephine - 3 layouts

 Haribara - 2 layouts

 Moriaki-sensei - 3 layouts

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