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Time travel is a tough subject for writers. Fraught with peril in the form of cliches, coincidences, and paradoxes, it requires pretty exceptional story-telling to craft a narrative that is even mildly interesting.

Well guess what, Steins;Gate has better-than-exceptional story-telling. No cliches here, though at the cost of being a bit hard to make sense of in the first several episodes. Patience is rewarded though, and before long, things spin out of control in a most astonishing way, suspension of disbelief not required. This is a must-see anime, and I'm very happy to have some nice original settei drawings by character designer Sakai Kyuta.

 Mayuri & Kurisu - settei

 Makise Kurisu - settei

 Mayuri - settei

 Feyris - settei

 Mr. Braun - settei

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