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One of my favorite slice-of-life series, Tamayura features kids doing pretty much what school-age kids do anywhere, but in the gorgeous idealized setting of Japan's Inland Sea. It's difficult to get a series like this right, because everything is so understated, but director Junichi Sato definitely nailed it here. Somehow, magically, the show becomes more than the sum of it's parts, as the kids pursue friendships, family memories, and various artistic goals, everything imbued with a mood of gentle introspection that invites viewers to perhaps look at their own lives through a slightly different lens.

 Group - 3 layouts

 Fuu - 3 layouts

 Fuu & Chihiro - 3 layouts

 Fuu & Shihomi - 3 layouts

 Norie - layout & genga

 Chihiro - 3 layouts

 Maon - genga

 Shihomi - layout

 Hoboro interior - layout

Curator: cenbe
Gallery Created: 7/23/2007
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